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Acquire the Free Spirit of a Bohemian Bride

Acquire the Free Spirit of a Bohemian Bride

 Brides can be of many types like Bohemian Bride, glamorous bride, modern bride or the classic bride. Glamorous bride is a kind of a bride who loves the attention and spotlight. For her the Bouquet style has to be sleek and a perfect blend of exotic and lovely blooms. Some rhinestone and feathers will add drama to the setting. Flowers may include orchids, hyacinth, tulips, lilies and anemones. Modern bride is the one who is bold, trendy and quite untraditional in approach. Her choice of wedding can be arranged at an art museum or an art gallery.

 Favorite color include blue, green etc. and flowers include white daisies, tulips, calla lilies, dendrobium orchids etc. The classic bride likes fine and delicate details with elegance. She like muted colors like white, pale pastels, cream etc. in beautiful glass vases etc. Now we come to the free spirited bride- the bohemian bride. She is a wild child whose wedding location may be a valley or a wild terrain. She is characterized by words like enchanting, whimsical, earthy etc. She likes decoration with a loose flower arrangement and many organic elements like herbs, ferns and berries.

 The Bouquet should be tied with bows and tails for that fresh fell. The d├ęcor is filled with contrasting textures and must be filled with flower branches, twigs, wild flowers and pebbles filled vases for that rough earthy look. Pots of wildflowers may be placed on tables and make most of the scenic beauty. Grapevine balls, white lanterns suspended from the branches will be perfect for the night wedding. Surroundings must be mixed tones of oranges, pinks and purples. Bohemian bride is free spirit who loves nature. She is least bothered about the big bands, fancy clubs or wearing a mother’s wedding gown or beautiful anklets. She is mature, easygoing women whose fantasy is to run with beaded barefoot sandals in the field.

 She will be happy in a simple outdoor wedding with lots of informal flowers. Her wedding gown must be something quite ethereal, unstructured and romantic. Fabrics may be flowing like chiffon or English net with Embellishments like subtle embroidery, overlays and fabric flowers. The hairs should fall on the shoulders like waves or a loose bun. The jewellery may be handcrafted in the favorite color. 

The wedding cake is a big no for the bohemian bride. Instead, homemade puddings and pies will be the best as dessert otherwise, a tiered wedding cake with chocolate frosting will do. The music may be folksy, a harpist or a guitarist with great singing voice is best suited.

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